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          2. Tel:+86 434-3509955
          3. E-mail:spbailong@spbailong.com
            About Bailong
            Jon Song, whose grandfather and father are all carpenters, started to learn wood carving crafts with his friends in 1989, just because of their interest. They ran a small workshop ...
            Product Show Case
            Contact Us
            • Address:2977 Wenkai Road,Hongzui Development Zone,Siping 136000 Jilin China
            • Telephone:+86 434-3509955
            • Fax:+86 434-3509966
            • E-mail:spbailong@spbailong.com
            Company profile
            Company profile

            Our History

            Jon Song, whose grandfather and father are all carpenters, started to learn wood carving crafts with his friends in 1989, just because of their interest. They ran a small workshop and sold wooden products made by their own, at the same time, they also made some hand carved wooden animals and decorations for local hotels and shops by request. With the increased experience and funds, they taught more and more students.

            Who we are?

            Located in Siping Jilin China, Bailong Arts&Crafts was established in 2004, our factory takes up an area of 13591 square meters area in total , and the production workshop area is 6408 square meters. The wood we use is from government authorized planted forest, and we can also supply FSC 100% wood according to customers’ request. We passed WCA,SQP and MERLIN factory audit.We do CPSIA or CE test on some of our products every year.

            Major Products

            1,wooden CNC / laser machine made toys.

            2,wooden home decoration and seasonal decoration.

            3,wooden gifts and souvenirs.

            4,wooden outdoor items, like walking stick, slingshots, bow arrow sets e.t.c..


            Our Team

            Our professional product developing team can update samples every season. Workers and quality control department will do their best to make qualified products, meanwhile, you can receive best and reliable service from the sales team.


            Employees (year 2017)

            Designer Team


            Sales Man






            Other Management Person



            Thank you for browsing our web,and hopefully you can find the items for your market.

            Thank you!



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